1. VC P.S.: Ten Myths and Realities of VC

    VC P.S.: Ten Myths and Realities of VC by Lawrence Aragon Redherring.com Part 1: June 14, 2000 Part 2: June 21, 2000 Bill Reichert's brother is a doctor. His father also was a doc. So were his grandfather and his great-great grandfather. So how could it be that Mr. Reichert is sitting and talking about venture capital over a plate of bacon and eggs at the Peninsula Creamery coffee shop in downtown…Read More

  2. SBA Loan Lending Limits Increased To $2MM

    SBA Loan Lending Limits Increased To $2MM As of April 5th 2004 By Bob Norton The SBA loan program, which works through other banks, is a loan guarantee program making it easier for banks to grant loans to businesses that would otherwise be "unbankable". This "credit enhancement" capability lowers the bar needed for collateral and other criteria by protecting the lending bank in the case of default…Read More

  3. Recommend Reading For CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives

    Recommend Reading For CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives From The "Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur" Series Make Your Business Grow Faster With Less Risk Essential Resources For CEOs and Entrepreneurs at Startup and Emerging Growth Companies This article is a sample chapter from one of our books in "The Secrets of A Serial Entrepreneur" Series. To see the list of books, audio programs and …Read More

  4. Fixing Venture Capital

    Fixing Venture Capital Copied From Joelonsoftware.com Many software companies these days are built using some form of venture capital. But the VC industry has been hurting lately. A lot of investments in dotcoms turned out to be spectacular flameouts. As a result, VCs are becoming ever more selective about where to put their money. To get funded these days, it's not enough to be a pet shop on the …Read More

  5. Top Ten Tips On Raising Angel Financing Today

    Top Ten Tips On Raising Angel Financing Today By Bob Norton Angel Investors (“Angels”) have become a much more important source of capital than ever before. Statistics show they have invested more than VCs in some past years and almost always invest more in early stage deals. With VCs treating early stage deals like they have the plague, young companies had better understand and use angel fina…Read More

  6. The Financing Landscape Today

    The Financing Landscape Today By Bob Norton Note: This article was written in 2004 and has been updated, though evolution of the market has continued traditional expectations in 2013 still seem to have faded. The financing landscape today has change radically. Everything you learned in the last 5 years is obsolete. We are back to looking like the early 1990's again as everyone has "moved up the fo…Read More

  7. Top 11 Things NOT To Tell Angel Investors

    Getting angel investors is both much harder, and more important than any time in recent history.  Few venture capitalists are investing in very early-stage companies without some "traction" i.e. real sales (no matter what they tell you).   This makes the quality bar higher and also the expectations for a company�s development stage. To download a printer friendly PDF file  of this articl…Read More