We help companies double their revenue and/or growth rate quickly by implementing proven systems to scale with a combination of intellectual property, consulting, training and coaching. We do it with and for you as needed.
In months, not years. 

AirTight Management is a framework of hundreds of proven best practices incorporated into six modular systems that every company needs to scale.  It is 9X more comprehensive than EOS covering all areas of the business.  Management systems are needed starting at about 7 employees.  Reaching 50% to 100% growth should be obtainable for everyone, driving up your company valuation for exit and capital raising too.

To become a market leader you must continually improve and tweak your internal systems and processes (Kaizen) and develop your team.  Innovating and staying ahead of competitors so you have higher margins, sustainable competitive advantage and can attract the best employees too.  This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of success and rapid growth. If you fail to do any of these things the result will be low growth and profits with higher costs for marketing and sales too.  You are also likely to have less motivated employees, more employee turnover and find it hard to attract investors.

Our systems have been tested and proven in hundreds of companies.  We are very affordable and efficient because we train your entire team with on-demand video then coach them as needed.  The consulting piece is small because the systems are 85% the same for every company no matter what the industry because they work at the strategy and management level and have nothing to do with the industry.

Every organization faces the same problems at each stage of growth.  We put all needed systems in place and implement improvements needed to better align your team, strategies and goals.  Simply stated, we enable your company to transform into a high-performance culture and machine that can gain and sustain more market share.

If you want to become a leader in your market give us a call.  We can train, coach and improve your culture, market position and competitive advantage.  Guaranteed.  At a flat monthly rate on any budget.

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Want to Know More? 

These are the three dimensions of business thinking:

          1. Five typical business areas (or disciplines) that require 10+ years’ expertise to be competitive at the strategy level for each. These are the five key people you need to scale that could be full-time, fractional or consulting. 
        1. Six Business Systems for management are required for smooth scaling (shown below). These are installed one at a time as needed. 
        2. Four Business Levels require a different mindset and time frame for planning and execution.

Professional management requires systems for each of these.  Most companies get these wrong, or do not do them at all – “seat of the pants management”.  Jim Collins, in one of the classic business top seller Good To Great says it takes 8+ years for the average “great” company to figure out its systems.  We cut that time to 12 to 18 months by starting with a generic set of systems and customizing the 10% to 15% specific to your company. This diagram shows the six management systems every company needs to scale. These allow the five most powerful management styles to be used when appropriate.

Without systems companies chase their own tails for years, go up and down in revenue and usually get beaten by their competitors. This will happen to 99.75% of companies.

Call (619) SCALE06 between 9am and 6pm CT for a free consultation or book a call here.

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The Six Management Systems Required to Scale Any Business