The “Growing Your Business” course contains a series of more than 25
videos, tips, concepts and articles every CEO, COO, President
and Entrepreneur needs to get from $1MM to $20MM, and then to $50MM or more in sales.

Are you overwhelmed or in new territory of growth for your business?
Do you need a guidance through the vast forest of knowledge and experience in
Management, Leadership, Systems and best practices.
If so you are in the right place.

You are losing money every day are not implementing simple things that market leaders know.
We can help you leverage these things rapidly and cost-effectively.

What Makes AirTight Management Different from every other firm?

1. You Want Full, Practical Solutions.  Ones you can implement immediately. Most consultants just diagnose and design a “solution” with no accountability and walk away.  AirTight Management stays with you every step of the way implementing that solution with everything you need at a lower cost than expensive big firms that charge two to five time more per hour for their “name” just to develop the “plan”.  We also will guarantee results, not activities.

2. A proprietary recipe developed over a decade that only we have. This includes a vast library of intellectual property licensed to you for free (see below).  This is a process and journey, not a magic bullet. To develop and break through growth barriers every company and team requires a combination of training, coaching, and consulting to succeed. Most consultants or training companies only help with one of these three things.  As a result they have very high failure rates, sometimes 90% or more.  Your team must shift thinking and habits to a different “gear” for growth, and to break through invisible barriers. We have close to a 100% success rate since 2006. Those few that did not succeed did not follow the plan or started too late. 

3. We will use proven Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Change Management (OCM) techniques to install permanent cultural change that drives success and performance. Over time we make our clients market leaders via superior strategy and superior execution. Growing a business is about having the “Right people on the bus. And in the right seats” (Jim Collins from the classic book Good to Great). 

4. Our proprietary Video Training Library (VTL) with over 160 videos makes our process highly cost effective and consistent. Everyone can go at their own pace and repeat each video if they need to. You benefit from reduced costs and improved results.  We can create better results with viode plus remote coaching, at a fraction of the cost of other consultants by using this video library.  We can also eliminate expensive travel cost and time which can cut the cost of an engagment by 50% to 75% by working remotely.

5. We inject proven best practices that over 90% of companies do not know. But most market leaders do. We also license our proprietary intellectual property (IP), which drives your teams’ performance up, forever.

6. Results are guaranteed, when you select a comprehensive 6-12 month program that will turn your company into a market leader. 

7. You get the benefit of 30+ years’ experience with each member of the AirTight team. We do not charge hundreds of dollars per hour by marking up fresh MBAs, associates or assistants to drive our profit margins.  We provide only top consultants and coaches with over a decade of line management experience each to make it happen.  Because experience matters. Our team has done it, not just read it in a book or been “certified” as a coach or consultant. 

8. We cater to the small and medium size businesses (SMBs) with an affordable program that improves performance, drives up your market share and provides sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

That’s the AirTight Management Difference!

Consulting + Training + Coaching + Systems in our Intellectual Property = SUCCESS
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