One word: Systemization. This means systemization of every area and key process in the business to allow consistency, training of people and Kaizen (constant improvement through feedback and metrics). No company can scale until it systematizes its business.

At AirTight Management we have developed the six systems that will turn any company into a market leader in its field with time. This framework incorporates over 1,000 proven best practices in management and leadership developed and proven in the last 75 years of Management Science. Few companies know these best practices and even fewer use them effectively. Some individual best practices, or subsystems that we can install in a few weeks, have been proven to increase value creation 56%. Compound that edge annually and you create a market leading company.

Proper systemization will also allow you to attract and keep the best people,
develop the best strategy and execute that strategy better.

Businesses have four “levels”: Vision, Strategy, Management and execution. Each requires different personality and skills to do well.  So even matching people to the jobs you have is a system. Most executives and managers do not know how to do this well, and that is what holds their companies back. Developing your people to handle growth, personally and for increase professional responsibility, is also a system. We call this H-CAD for Human Capital Acquisition and Development. It is about developing the organization’s infrastructure, policies, procedures etc. This is called Organizational Development (OD).

Any business will win based on attracting and keeping the best people. A quality culture that properly balances the needs of customers, employees and owners to keep them happy and productive is the best way to do that.

Systemization (and “OD”) is also working “On” the business, not “In” the business and enables the business to constantly improve and get ahead of competitors. Constant innovation is critical, especially in product/service and marketing, because the world is always changing. Peter Drucker, The Father of Management said these two areas are the keys that any company must do well. Everything else is relatively easy. This requires discipline, metrics (KPIs) and creativity in managers to always be pushing for improvement. Systemization must be driven by culture.

Only one word “systemization” but hundreds of concepts, best practices and components to make a complex system work well. Both analytical and creaiStock_000014716410Smalltive capabilities are needed to design a good system. Jim Collins, in the classic business text Good to Great, says although most companies never achieve greatness it takes those that do eight to ten years to work out their systems first. AirTight Management accelerates this process by installing standard systems we have developed since 1990 which need only 10-15% customization for a given company.

We have also automated the management training into online videos so we can deliver it to our clients cost effectively, on-demand anywhere at the convenience of each individual. This also requires some coaching of people to succeed. Running Organizational Development (OD) and Management Development (MD) programs for companies requires vast experience and the ability to demand respect from high level employees. It requires Project Management skills, leadership, broad business knowledge and experience that only comes from decades of experience. It requires the ability to drive organizational change and make it stick.

Call now for a free business assessment. Our programs start at as little as $1,000/month and are guarantee to constantly improve sales, strategic position and profits significantly over time. You should budget 2% to 6% of Manager’s salaries for these two functions if you want to lead your field and enable rapid growth, not be an also-ran company.