Some Benefits of the AirTight Strategic Budgeting – System #4:
  1. AirTight Strategic Budgeting develops better allocation of resources to optimize Return on Investment (ROI) based on opportunities and innovation. It is not just a cost control system/method, like most accounting departments will implement, but a strategic process that is linked directly into a Strategic Plan.
  2. Increase accuracy of projections to improve cash-flow and capital needs planning.
  3. Includes all the tools needed to implement a monthly financial review process that holds everyone accountable and makes managers treat their area of the business as their own to “own results” not just activities.
  4. Fund small projects with frugal experimentation to increase innovation then scale those that work.
  5. Dovetail monthly and quarterly financial results with Strategic Planning goals for long-term tracking and projection and a feedback loop to improve.
  6. Reduce interdepartmental friction and unhealthy competition for resources by making managers justify expenses and investments and understand trade-offs to increase teamwork.

Depending on your company size you may need more or less of the overall process but most elements automatically scale with your company’s growth.

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