AirTight is the First Ever, Comprehensive Framework for Management Systems for Small Business.
It Has All the Management Systems Needed to Create a High Performance Company and Culture. Nothing Else Like It Exists!

Many call these management systems “Organizational Development” (OD). “Management Development” (MD) on the other hand is development of the individual managers. AirTight Management contains everything needed for both, integrated into a single implementation framework.

AirTight Management is specifically designed for small to medium size businesses (SMBs or SMEs) from about 15 to 250 employees. It can turn any small business into a market leader over time by applying proven principles in strategy and execution. Although most companies need all these system by the time they reach 50 people, most companies over 100 employees do not even have them.

The Six AirTight Systems incorporate over 1,000 proven best practices we have collected for over twenty years. Many are supported by research, to turn companies and teams into high-performance machines.

Most companies struggle for many years developing their internal Management Systems, processes, culture and practices. Many never do and stop growing or fail as a result. Jim Collins in the classic book Good to Great states that the few who become great companies take 5-10 years to develop these systems. We can install all of them in your company and cut this process down to 18 months instead. Installing one at a time each 2 to 4 months so your team is not pressured or stressed by extra work.  This will enable you to take all limits off your growth, reduce risk, attract and keep top people and drive revenue and profits higher and faster.

We can help you implement each proven Management System and key best practices in weeks, not months or years, to drive higher performance and value creation from teams, individuals and the company as a whole.

The AirTight framework gives you proven, “out-of-the-box” systems that can be easily customized for your business. We can do this very cost effectively because we invested in developing videos and have leveraged decades of experience. Our on-demand, 24/7 video technology for the training part of this process is far less than on-site consulting and saves you money. We have this process down to a science doing it since 2009.

We can help you with any combination of on-site, or remote, coaching, training and consulting as appropriate to your needs, budget and time-frame. A custom designed implementation process for your situation delivers results quickly and cost effectively.

Controlling and growing a company requires systematization. We can move your company from “seat of the pants” entrepreneurship to professional management best practices quickly. This can allow you to dominate your market and competitors over time.  They also allow scaling and high-performance with less risk and capital invested. Using these Systems properly will likely make your company a market leader within a few years because so few companies do even two of these six things well. Doing them all well will put you in the top 5% of companies in the world.

Each of the AirTight Six Systems can be installed individually, or in any combination, but always one at a time. Your specific situation will determine the systems and order we recommend implementing each for the greatest impact quickly.

AirTight incorporates over 1,000 of the best and timeless ideas and practices from the top management gurus of the last 75 years. We have distilled these into a single trainable framework.

Each System typically requires four to eight weeks to install. These ideas and practices have been extracted from hundreds of the best business books of all time from authors like: Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Michael Porter, Geoffrey Moore, Clayton Christensen, Tom Peters, Jack Welch and over a hundred others. This distillation of best practices, used properly, will make your company a world-class, market leader in its industry over time. Your people and internal processes are the only long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

These are the Six Systems


Management Science

Management of companies is one of the most complex arts there is and requires decades of both training and practice to master. There are many skills involved that take years of practice to learn. They can never be learned only in a classroom. Management also includes much science and proven best practices that are very repeatable. Yet we have no single framework for structuring this massive complexity which millions of people practice every day.

The AirTight Six Systems incorporate ideas from over 1,000 books on management, business and entrepreneurship that our Founder, Bob Norton, read over his career. The AirTight Management brand was created in 2009 by formalizing the framework and rolling together all his decades of experience and development of intellectual property into this single framework. It incorporates all the material from The CEO Boot Camp and several books on entrepreneurship, leadership and management of companies our founder created into a single framework. Sitting on a plane one day traveling to the West Coast Mr. Norton realized, after 8 years of working with companies as a consultant on their growth and performance that everything could be encompassed in a single framework with these six component systems. And that each System supported the others to provide a self-correcting eco-system or Operating System that could make any company a leader in its market(s). This insight, after decades of experience, practice, and consulting with companies on their growth lead to the creation of the AirTight Management brand.

We guarantee that AirTight Management practices will greatly improve your company from both a strategic and operational (execution) perspective. These Six Systems will both save money and drive additional sales in short order. You will begin seeing results within weeks and never be able to go back to the ‘old way’ of doing business and managing people.

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