What You Need to Know to Become a Successful CEO,
Founder or Entrepreneur. The Most Practical, Advanced Entrepreneurship Training For CEOs and Entrepreneurs Available Today

Who: Any CEO or Entrepreneur who wishes to become one and has at least 5 years working experience

What Every CEO & Entrepreneur Will Take Away:

  1. How to develop and communicate a vision that you can validate to be certain it is sound
  2. How to do the right market research and competitive intelligence that will create a differentiated company and a winning market entry
  3. Designing a business model that the market needs and will pay for now
  4. Designing a marketing program that works, it’s not just social media
  5. Best practices for strategy in sales, marketing, finance, product development and operations
  6. The Internal Management Systems required for startup and then growth
  7. Moving from entrepreneurship to professional management and leadership best practices
  8. Synchronize your management team’s strategy, thinking, and language
  9. Avoid the dozens of common mistakes CEO & Entrepreneurs make that can cost you your company, savings and years of pain
  10. This is the only comprehensive system to design, launch and grow a company created by someone who has grown two startups to over $100 million
  11. The five stages of corporate growth and how you need to change your management style and systems at each stage

Every CEO and Entrepreneur Needs to Attend This Event Once in Their Career

           – Drive your revenue higher, faster by cutting years off your learning curve
           – Break old habits and evolve as a stronger leader of your company
           – Learn proven strategies, systems and models to design and optimize your business 
                            model, launch, hire, manage, and grow faster
           – Position your company for better profit margins and out maneuver the
           – Learn to grow your entire team with systems, models and language that improve 
                      managers constantly

Leverage the knowledge of others, don’t reinvent the wheel

Wrong answer. You've reached the limits.

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Our Guarantee to You: You can leave any time before noon on the first day without your materials
and get a 100% refund.

“A wise man is he who knows he knows not.”  — Socrates


“Way to go! No question about value delivered.”  — Charlie Atkinson, Founder Whole Systems

“The boot camp gave me all the information I needed to fill in the blanks as I develop my new company.  Even though I sold a large Inc. 500 company before, this gave me the models I needed to just drop things into place and greatly improve and speed up my business development process.”
Susan Chandler-Duquette, CEO DEI Business Consulting

“It’s a great course – very comprehensive. I think it can really help people look at their business in a new way. I can tell you it gave me new vision. He teaches practical lessons people can actually apply.”
— Lisa Sasso, President Radi Medical Systems

“I was skeptical regarding the value I might get from attending. I went, and was extremely happy with the higher-level strategy information and its application to my business. Following my 2nd time attending, I became a coaching client too. I gained insights, perspectives and a ton of value. I recommend it highly and with confidence.”
Craig Brenner, CEO, NEDS 


What Are People Saying:

“I have used Bob Norton as a CEO coach and consultant to implement his AirTight Management systems. Bob is one of the only people nationally I found who actually has ‘Been there and done that,’ growing multiple companies to over $100M in sales…”
— Dave Lindahl, CEO, RE Mentor

“I thought this seminar was appropriate for any senior-level executive who wants to get on the same page strategically with their team and boost their business. I feel I greatly underpaid for the value delivered.”
— John Edmond, President, Angel Data Networks