Introduction to Management (101) Goal Setting, Accountability and Team Performance – Preview

The first thing any professional manager should learn is how to coordinate multiple people with effective goal setting, goal management and good communications. This is the basic blocking and tackling of management that makes people accountable, productive and allows them to work well as a team.

Management By Objective (MBO), invented by Peter Drucker, the “Father of Management” in the 1960s is the classic management technique which research shows creates an average value creation increase of 56% in companies when done right. Most management books and systems today are simply rehashes of this classic. We have updated it for small companies to use efficiently and effectively with minimal overhead.

Unfortunately even companies that think they do MBO today often do it wrong, missing key elements of what makes it work that are both subtle and critical. MBO requires process and discipline to do well. An understanding of the psychological principles that MBO leverages is needed to use it properly. Done right the monthly MBO process is the core of all goal setting, communications, team building and even creates the effective brain trust of a team to share expertise and become a high-performance team. MBO will increase morale, create team synergy and even develop people to their full potential. It will also reveal non-performers and naturally eject them. This course covers all the necessary components of an MBO process.

MBO is the basic blocking and tackling of management that every professional manager needs to understand. Those that do it well are “professional managers”, those that do not are just aspiring managers. Both personal and company growth comes from effective, high-performance teams and nothing has been shown to impact team performance like a strong MBO process and discipline – guaranteed. Doing this well will immediately put you in the top 5% of managers.

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