Top Coach for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

“I have been working with Bob Norton for the past year and from my experience I can tell you, having a knowledgeable and mature CEO on my team has had a tremendous impact on my company. I have moved faster and avoided many problems from his guidance.
I have seen Bob bring over 30 years of real life, top level, CEO experience to guide me. He has extensive knowledge in Product Development, branding, Marketing, Finance, Sales, building corporate culture, management and much more. These skill sets make a huge difference, because if Bob is on your team, then you can run an idea or question by him and get an instant, clear, well thought out answer. This is what you need as a business owner or entrepreneur. He not just a consultant and a coach but is very creative and is always providing new tools that help me grow as an entrepreneur, CEO and leader. Don’t experiment by trial and error, or make wild uneducated guesses. This method will lead to slow, painful and expensive failures. Get an experienced executive and coach on your team like Bob who knows immediately what works and what doesn’t.”   — David Bundi, ImaginLand, On-demand Child Care