1. A Balance of Entrepreneurship and Discipline is Critical to Growing a Company – Though they may seem at odds both are possible.

      Jim Collins, in the classic book Good To Great explained that one key to becoming a great company was being able to maintain both discipline and entrepreneurship, or innovation as you grow. Of course, this is easy to say but I could speak for a whole day on what it really means and the organizational, political and individual forces that usually prevent it. These two characteristics are ofte…Read More

  2. Questions to ask about your business for the best possible year.

    Questions to ask about your business for the best possible year. 1. Do you have someone with at least five years experience in each key area of your business, especially those areas that are your differentiator, or competitive advantage to be sure you are leading, not following?  Where innovation could help. 2. Have you installed systems to delegate, train and make processes consistent for qualit…Read More

  3. The Need for a Business Management Consultant Could be for Any Number of Reasons

    There are times when, as a business owner, you simply need a second opinion from a third party outsider. This need for a business management consultant could be for any number of reasons, but is likely because you are having internal issues that you just can't seem to work out. Small business consultants have seen it all and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any type of situation. Work…Read More

  4. You Have Never Given a Second Thought to Hiring a Business Management Consultant

    If you are like most small business owners, you are proud of the fact you are a highly-skilled multitasker. But because you are accustomed to having to do everything for yourself, you have never given a second thought to hiring a business management consultant. This means you are likely missing out on some very important benefits for your business. Here are just a few ways in which a small busines…Read More