Since 2002 I have been helping CEOs and client companies increase their growth rate, revenue and sustainable competitive advantage. Virtually every company and team has “invisible” barriers holding its growth back. We have been finding and removing these for over a decade using a combination of training, coaching and consulting that is guaranteed to stick. There is no substitute for experience as growing a business is one of the most complex things on the planet due to the many skills and arts needed to succeed.

Here is a simple checklist of the missing pieces that are most often a barrier to growth to help you find out what you might be missing. Use it as a checklist and fill it out skeptically. If this item is not written out clearly on paper it does not exist. Once identified with an understanding of the root causes, not usually the obvious ones, we can usually double the growth rate of our clients in 90-120 days. And often double their revenue and enterprise value in one to two years.

We help small companies remove all barriers to scaling and implement proven best practices in Management, Leadership, Innovation and Management Systems.

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