Finance is one of the most important parts of your business. It drive growth potential, market share and

From how many employees you can hire to which products you can develop, which niches or markets you can open. A virtuous circle is the mathematical formula that determines what investment in marketing and sales generates what return to support growth. Without a good “Virtuous Circle”, you can’t possibly reach your full potential. We’ll explain to how two companies in the same exact business one becomes a billion dollar success while the other struggles with a few million in sales up and down. And how you can overlay these principles on your business model.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if your budgeting system is working or not:

  • Have you developed a virtuous financial circle that is scalable?
  • Does your financing strategy fund growth without forcing you to practically give away your company?
  • Do you know how to compress your cash turn-around to grow faster without the addition of outside capital?
  • Do you have a thorough understanding of every department’s financial inputs and outputs?
  • Do your departments know how to properly communicate, motivate and make your employees accountable to results rather than just activities?
  • Does your budgeting process allow your managers to take responsibility and grow?
  • Do you regularly experience cost overruns?
  • Do your managers wait too long to hire new employees?
  • Does your budget force you to delay acquiring new resources when you need them?
  • Does your financial department wield inappropriate power over the rest of your employees?


Don’t let your financial obstacles keep you from success!

Your budget helps to determine almost everything about the way that your business runs, and if your budgeting systems isn’t working as well as it should, it can really hold you back. Let the experts at AirTight Management help you overcome your biggest budgeting challenges.


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