AirTight Management, your business management consultant, has a vast amount of intellectual property (IP) that it has developed since 2002 and include hundreds of proven best practices in management and leadership in six Systems. This IP is protected by copyright and patent laws and provided to our clients and customers under license agreements. We are constantly adding to this library though so much is timeless and stable that only occasional updates are needed of existing content. This page describes the ways that we license that Intellectual Property (IP).

Since AirTight Management was announced we have constantly received inquiries from people wishing to license our intellectual property. It is our intention to build a network of highly qualified coaches and consultants to train, coach and implement the Six AirTight Management Systems at thousands of companies over time. Every engagement upgrades a company’s performance in ways they cannot imagine.

If you are a consultant or business coach and interested in being a member of the AirTight Management network, while running your own company, please visit the Coaches and Consultants page.

Our clients receive a license to use our IP for any System which we are engaged to install at no extra cost. If updates are desired when an engagement is over then a license renewal fee may apply depending on the situation after that initial license period. Subscriptions to the Video Training Library (VTL) will be offered based on seats and usage to train and support new and existing employees respectively.

Use of our Video Training Library (VTL) is included with any contract for training, coaching or consulting for some fixed period of time, usually three to six months per System, or a full year or more when all Six Systems are being implemented. After that initial contract, there is a quarterly subscription fee to access the VTL to train new employees and upgrade their skills.

There is a fee for professional certifications (Purple or Black Belts). There is normally no fee for basic user certifications (Green and Red Belts) as this is included in any engagement as an important part of improving a company’s performance. The Black Belt certifications are for professional consultants and coaches primarily but may be obtained by senior executives with over 15 years experience as well. Companies may wish to have an internal project leader or senior executive become a Black Belt if they expect to grow rapidly.

The AirTight Six Systems Box in All Management Problems.

The six-sided cube in our logo represents the Six AirTight Systems creating a closed, self-correcting system. Each side, or System, controls a dimension of management problems.

We call the ideal corporate culture a “Darwinian Meritocracy”.
Companies that achieve this will normally be leaders in their industry in time. These companies and cultures constantly evolve and adjust to both internal and external factors.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Often attributed to Charles Darwin, but actually by Herbert Spencer building on Darwin.