Interim Management Services

C-Level Enterprises will provide interim management for the following positions: CEO, President, Chairman, COO, Independent Director, or CFO.

Mr. Norton can fill the CEO, President or COO role, or in some cases help identify, screen and hire another executive.

Other interim positions can be filled quickly simply by drawing on our network of proven executives. We will also work with clients to find, interview and place any senior level executive using our own network of associates and experienced executives.

Interim engagements can run anywhere from 2 to 12 months and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on circumstances.

Why Using Interim Management Can Pay Huge Dividends

Often a part-time person can fill the vacuum while a search goes on, but at other times you want that interim executive to take the bull by the horns to define the company’s mission and vision so that the proper job description can be developed for the permanent executive. Only then can effective recruiting can begin. Developing this vision is a 60 to 90 day process and must be planned as such. Shortcutting it will be the biggest mistake a board can make.

This is an iterative process and you must expect to have some rudimentary plan before hiring a CEO. Yes this person will later fill in the details and run with it based on their experience (hopefully), but the board should know what direction they want to take the company in BEFORE they begin a search for the CEO. A CEO with an aggressive growth strategy will be very different person than one with a steady and safe strategy in mind and there will be many other variations that are situation dependent.

Often taking the time pressures off finding a candidate can allow you to find the best candidate, while rushing to fill a vacuum can force compromise. A complete search for a senior level executive averages 4 to 6 months if done properly. Yes you can run an ad in this economy and have 50-100 resumes in a week, but the quality of candidate and interview process will suffer if you simply hire the first candidate that feels good. You can not shortcut the process of matching the candidates, you can only get more candidates quicker. This might shorten the process a few weeks, but it is not likely to bring 5 months down to 6 weeks and still get a good result. Some things take time and this is one of them.

Some things require time to be done correctly. i.e. Nine women can not make a baby in one month.

We Provide the Following Interim Management Services to Improve RESULTS in ANY Business:

  1. Interim executive as a CEO, COO, CFO, GM, or Director
  2. Increase Sales and Improve Profit Margins
  3. Increase Cash Flow
  4. Handles turn-around and transition issues
  5. Re-engineer Your Business, market position or Processes For Competitive Advantage and Cost savings
  6. Develop Strategic Plans and Operational Plans
  7. Assist and advise investors, owners and boards on options previously not considered
  8. Improve corporate governance under Sarbane-Oxley guidelines by adding an independent director

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By Mr. Norton on His Management Philosophies


“The best CEOs require 8 weeks to get up to speed on a new company and market. Bob did it in less than six weeks so our portfolio company could be repositioned quickly and effectively.”

— Senior Partner, Venture Capital Firm

“In building First Call Corporation, Bob Norton, was my secret weapon in getting a really audacious job done not only on time and under budget, but done so well that it revolutionized how equity sales was done on Wall Street. His abilities to understand complex requirements, to synthesize elegant solutions, and then to manage a team to get it done, are still the best I’ve ever seen.”
— Jim Rutt, Ex-CEO Network Solutions

“Mr. Norton is a true visionary who can also execute. Few people have the ability to do both.”

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