1. Giving Toothless Boards Some Bite

    Giving Toothless Boards Some Bite By Peter Cohen Most directors are stuck in a system that makes it tough for them to protect shareholder interests. The author offers two solutions. The possibility of directors paying out of their own pockets for corporate misconduct occurring under their watch has been raised by three recent cases. In January, 18 Enron directors agreed to pay $168 million -- 10 o…Read More

  2. Are Corporate Directors Becoming Obsolete?

    Are Corporate Directors Becoming Obsolete? When The Liabilities Exceed the Benefits of Being a Director By Peter Cohen In the last week, some corporate directors have written checks out of their personal accounts to settle suits against the companies on whose boards they served.  Earlier this week, 10 former WorldCom directors paid a total of $54 million -- $18 million from their own pockets repr…Read More

  3. Consultants And Getting The Most Value Added

    Consultants And Getting The Most Value Added When and How to Use Consultants Cost Effectively By Bob Norton As a CEO I struggled long and hard over any decision to use a consultant. There are many issues that need to be managed by the client to keep a consultant from going overboard on time and costs. Too many need too long to get up to speed on your business (on your dime), cost too much and can …Read More


    TOP TEN TIPS FOR HIRING A SENIOR EXECUTIVE By Bob Norton There is no more important decision than choosing the people at the top or your organization. After all, they will hire or approve everyone else in the company, set the tome for values and make virtually all key decisions that will mean success or failure every business day. A structured approach to hiring that includes all of the following …Read More

  5. What Does A CEO Need To Know?

    What Does A CEO Need To Know? By Bob Norton Why You Always Need An Experienced CEO Involved At Some Level Would you walk into a legal trial without an experienced attorney to represent you? Would you let a new medical school graduate perform their first brain surgery on you alone? Of course not!? However, many entrepreneurs who start a company print “President” on the door and do just that. Th…Read More

  6. The Cost of a Full-time CEO

    The Cost of a Full-time CEO By Bob Norton Lets look at the cost of a typical experienced CEO today at a small to medium size business: Low Average Salary Range: $175,000 $500,000 Bonus Range: $ 50,000 $250,000 Other costs & benefits $ 15,000 $ 50,000 Equity/Options 10%-100% 5%+ Total Cash Cost Range: $240,000 $800,000 NOTES: The average figure above may be skewed high by larger companies so we…Read More

  7. 68 CEO Responsibilities

    68 CEO Responsibilities This is a great list for both taking on a new CEO position and getting up to speed, as well as to develop a proactive development and learning program for any CEO or senior executive wishing to improve their executive management skills. It lays out well all the thing you need to juggle when you have both the privilege and responsibilities of the top spot in any organization…Read More