1. The Risk Assessment Landscape Map – A Framework For Viewing and Managing Business Risk

    The Risk Assessment Landscape Map A Method For Evaluating And Managing the Risks of A Business Developed by Bob Norton Too often, managers focus solely on the probability of a risk or problem happening and ignore far more important factors such as the cost of failure and the ability to actively manage each risk as more is learned. To properly manage a business risks must be evaluated and monitored…Read More

  2. Principals of Risk Management

    Principles Of Risk Management By Bob Norton Risk is the possibility of suffering loss Risk Management Paradigm In a world where 90% of VC backed businesses, and as many as 70% of major IT projects fail, managing risk must be a major job of the CEO and all management teams. Risk must be aggressively managed at all levels of the organization. Though the scope and cost will vary, employees need to be…Read More

  3. When Do You Need a New Vision or a Vision Tune-up?

    When Do You Need A Vision Tune-up? By Bob Norton Defining A "Vision" A vision is the design of everything needed for the business to work, combined with the experience to know it can really work that way in the real world. So a vision is actually a very complex model that can be run in someone's head, which takes into account all the major business disciplines, and thousands of real world practica…Read More

  4. How To Get 11X Average Productivity In Product Development

    How To Get 11X Average Productivity  In Product Development By Bob Norton Here are Some Simple Ideas That Can Greatly Improve Productivity and at the Same Time Help Insure Success of Every New Product or Release Product management is more art than science and because I have run many product development groups simultaneously, with a very high launch success rate, I have been asked many times what …Read More

  5. “Marketing” A Waste of Money Or The Most Important Thing You Can Do?

    "Marketing" A Waste of Money Or The Most Important Thing You Can Do? By Bob Norton Marketing is a very broad term that sometimes encompasses many different things for many different people. It is ill defined in the real world, though academics will all offer some definition that is impractical for 90% of companies. Hence it needs some definition here before we even try to discuss it. To make thing…Read More

  6. What is a “Vision” and How to Develop and Use It – The 11 Required Elements of a Successful Vision

    This is a Sample Chapter From a Book In the Secrets of a Serial EntrepreneurTM Series Click Here For A Full Catalog Of Our Books and Tapes For CEOs and Entrepreneurs or go to www.CLevelEnterprises.com/products.htm  2004 C-Level Enterprises, Inc. This PDF file may be copied and forwarded in its entirety as long as it is for free. 508-381-1450 http://www.clevelenterprises.com/ info@CLevelEnterprise…Read More

  7. Optimizing Your Sales and Marketing Process Without Spending More

    The Newsletter for Serious CEOs, Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives Wishing To Constantly Improve By Leveraging The Experience of Others. Optimizing Your Sales and Marketing Process How to Increase Sales Without Spending More Ask marketing people what a company should do to increase sales, and most of them will probably say that you've got to spend more money on advertising. Or they'll come up w…Read More

  8. Market Entry Strategy & Positioning and Using Competitive Landscape Maps

    Developing A Market Entry Strategy Using Competitive Landscape Maps as a Positioning Tool By Bob Norton Developing a Competitive Landscape Map ("CLM") is a very important early step in developing your market entry strategy and getting other people to understand it. There may be several of these maps (see samples below) charting different market variables that are important to customers in that mar…Read More

  9. The Messaging And Communications Pyramid – A Simple Overview Framework

    The Messaging And Communications Pyramid Roadmap To Your Vision By Bob Norton Call It "Brand", call it "Marketing", call it your focus, niche, USP, passion, core value added -- or whatever you want, but today you need all these things to build a successful company. Click the thumbnail to enlarge FOR EARLY-STAGE COMPANIES Before you start selling, before you talk to a single capital source seriousl…Read More

  10. Six Ways To Grow Your Business

    Six Ways To Grow Your Business Jay Abrams, an excellent marketing guru and speaker, says there are only three ways to grow your business: 1) More customers, 2) Higher average sales/revenue per customer and 3) A higher purchase frequency from your customers. Although this is a great model to divide and attack the problem, it is more a classification of categories of ways than actual ways to grow yo…Read More