Questions to ask about your business for the best possible year.

1. Do you have someone with at least five years experience in each key area of your business, especially those areas that are your differentiator, or competitive advantage to be sure you are leading, not following?  Where innovation could help.

2. Have you installed systems to delegate, train and make processes consistent for quality delivery of your product and/or services?

3. Do you schedule dedicated time for working “On”, not just “In”, your business? Planning, developing your people, systems and distribution?

4. Do you have a vision in place that other senior employees understand to use for everyday decisions?

5. Is your culture tuned appropriately to your market and customers and to attract and keep the best employees to serve those ideal customers?

6. What new challenges are you hitting, in terms of growth/size and expertise, where may not know what you don’t know?

7. Are you developing yourself, and others, as managers and leaders using a Management Development (MD) program? What about your infrastructure or Organizational Development (OD)? Coaching your best people to grow and keep them engaged and loyal?