Over 200 Products Developed and Launched and Counting..

Understand Market Positioning and Create Differentiation

Success is only possible with a quality team

Success requires superior design from the start with iteration

Innovation and rapid product development (MVP)

Success requires clear goals and Accountability MBO/OKR/Modularity

Agile, SCRUM, Waterfall, SDLC

Benefits we offer
  • Increase team productivity
  • Use the latest, state-of-the-art methods and tools
  • Inject creativity and design sense
  • Gamify products to make them fun and addictive, increase stickiness
  • Provide real-time, online support for faster decisions and time to market
  • Add architecture expertise as interim CTO, VP of Engineering and Architect to improve results. Or just a creative contributor to UXI, architecture and design to push the envelope.

You Can Hire Two People to do Project Management and Product Management Separately —
OR One More Experienced Person to Do Both. The Savings Can be 50% Due to Higher Efficiency & Integration

Only the Top 5% of People Know How to Create Market Dominating Products

Developed and launched over 50 products and assisted with 150+

Master of Innovation, Software Design and Development, SDLC

Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Engineering

Consulting and interim executive since 2002

IQ in top 0.15% and off the chart creativity


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Before becoming a full-time Consultant, Mr. Norton grew two startup businesses to $100 million and $156M in sales in the software, online and information services space with six products. These company’s success was due to superior products that were two generations ahead of competitors. Disrupting two industries. He has the “Been There, Done That” experience to guide any project or product to a strong market position by adding unique and compelling features customers want.

He has been 100% responsible for over 100 product launches now working with clients where he has assisted as either Product or Project Manager. Some dominated their markets.

Mr. Norton has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups to improve results by combining excellence in design, development, management and market positioning.

By Combining Product Management, Technical Development Skills and Project Management Techniques in One Person You Will Always Get a Superior Result.

Strategic Top Product Managers will:

Determine and validate customer requirements

Increase productivity through better design and architecture upfront

Assure specifications are thorough, comprehensive and extensible for product enhancements later

Understand the target market deeply to allow more rapid market penetration and adoption

Ensuree the team has all the right skills to succeed, hire, fire, coach

Help find and drive the best business and pricing model

Connect technical people to business needs. And non-technical people with technical limits

Ensuree an initial budget and schedule that is realistic and tuned to business needs

Tactical Top Project Managers will:

Align and energize team

Provide clear milestones and project goals

Manage the project to budget

Validate that the development stack, tools and hardware match market needs

Developing Schedules

Create and coordinate documentation

Risk Analysis, Managing Risks and Issues (People, technology, resources)

Monitoring and reporting progress

Team Leadership

Working with vendors

Controlling quality

Coordinate launch resources, schedules and training



To Identify market needs, problems and target best customers.


Of a solution that can be implemented cost effectively to validate market (MVP=Minimum Viable Product = V 1.0.


Tactical implementation requires discipline around development, coordination of multiple disciplines, and personalities, and strong communications from the “Vision” of the product.

Mr. Norton shares success strategies few people know, coaching all team members to their best possible performance.

I have known Bob for about 15 years. He is a very bright, creative, and experienced executive. His combination of big company and entrepreneurial experiences have given him an excellent platform for advising others. . . . Bob can always be relied upon to steer you in the right direction.

David Dill, CEO of Wellesley
Pharmaceuticals, and former IBM VP

I have been privileged to be touched by people who have had a large influence on my thinking. Richard Branson for his inspiration and motivation of what is possible. Anthony Robbins who helped me take the first step in understanding human neural linguistics and associated communications. And Bob Norton who inspired my business thinking in different tangents.

Boaz Fischer, CEO, CommsNet, Australia

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