The Top Coach, Mentor & Adviser You Need to Succeed Faster.

Learn to Use Proven Best Practices In”

Leadership, management, and entrepreneurship

Business strategy and growth

Personal and career development

Reorganization, transition and crisis management

Corporate governance, structure and organization

Benefits we offer via one-on-one and group coaching:
  • Increase personal effectiveness and respect
  • Improve organizational alignment, productivity and culture
  • Develop leadership and management skills in your entire team
  • Develop your team, board and organization to become a market leader with superior strategy and execution
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ), teamwork and create a high-performance culture
  • Business Process Improvement (BPM/BPI)
  • Install the Management Systems needed to scale
  • Create a superior business strategy for long-term enterprise value and competitive advantage
Tap the Proven Experience You Need

Unlike most coaches, who “get certified” in a 20 to 40 hour paid program, Bob was a CEO at high-growth companies for over 14 years (= 28,000 hours experience) before becoming a professional Coach and Mentor. He developed his management and leadership skills while creating over $1 billion in value for investors and growing two startups to $100 and $156 million in sales respectively within five years for each.

Bob has coached hundreds of CEOs and Executives and personally built four multi-million dollar businesses. He is not a “Certified Coach” but a “Been there. Done that.” seasoned CEO.

The Top Coach, Mentor & Adviser You Need to Succeed Faster

CEO since 1989, Ex-CTO,

Professional Adviser to CEOs and Boards since 2002

Author, Speaker and Thought Leader in Management Science, Leadership and Innovation

Board member since 1986


Before becoming a CEO, Business and Executive Coach, Mr. Norton managed over 60 product launches. Some dominated their markets. His father introduced him to Personal Development at age 14 and he has practiced it non-stop since. Mr. Norton has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups to improve CEO, Executive and Manager performance.

As a CEO since 1989, he has the “Been There, Done That” experience to guide any CEO, Executive or business to success. Unlike most coaches Mr. Norton has run both small and large companies for decades. He has also raised over $40 million in early-stage capital for his companies and helped others raise countless millions for their ventures.

Mr. Norton shares success strategies few people know. Bringing strong life experience, wisdom, and critical thinking to the table is the key to coaching results. Unlike a Psychologist, a Coach provides strong input and point of view from their real-world experience and expertise. Why would anyone hire a Business Coach that never ran the size business they are running?

You need a Coach who has run a significant business, ideally larger than your own and what you wish to achieve. Someone who has already been where you want to be in the future. Modeling is leveraging other’s experience. Would you hire a football Coach that never played football? Many people do this today due to widespread “Coaching certification programs” that cannot give anyone the experience needed. Just a boilerplate process for coaching.

We have all the tools you need to help your businesses grow.


Regular meetings, usually weekly

On call instant support by Skype, text or email for fast decisions and help.

Market Watch – Expect relevant news, contacts, ideas, and articles that guide your decisions.

All programs also include access to our vast training library with over 160 best practices videos on-demand and over 1,000 conceptual slides to attack tough problems every business has.

Although the average Executive Coach charges $387/hour, and Bob is far more experienced, our programs start at just $1,000/month for small companies. Faster, intensive, group and Organizational Development (OD) programs begin at only $3,500/month and will turbo charge your entire organization in a few months and can make it a market leader in time. We have added $30 million in company valuation in these engagements.

Quote from forward of a book published by a client

I have known Bob for about 15 years. He is a very bright, creative, and experienced executive. His combination of big company and entrepreneurial experiences have given him an excellent platform for advising others. . . . Bob can always be relied upon to steer you in the right direction.

David Dill, CEO of Wellesley
Pharmaceuticals, and former IBM VP

I have been privileged to be touched by people who have had a large influence on my thinking. Richard Branson for his inspiration and motivation of what is possible. Anthony Robbins who helped me take the first step in understanding human neural linguistics and associated communications. And Bob Norton who inspired my business thinking in different tangents.

Boaz Fischer, CEO, CommsNet, Australia

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